Get Ready for Summer!!!

It’s that time of year again!! Even though the weather is still a little frigid, it will not be long and we will be experiencing that sweltering heat that Louisiana is so famous for.

Oh, I can just feel that humidity now! Can’t you? During the summertime, my kids and I do not go outside much unless we are playing in the water! LOTS of water activity here!!! Why? Because it’s just TOO HOT!!

So if we are not playing in the water, we are inside enjoying the nice comfortable AC! But the LAST thing I want to happen is for my AC to go out in the middle of July! Oh no no no no! Not with an active preschooler and a helpless infant in my care.

That’s why I am very serious about having our AC checked and maintained in the springtime, BEFORE the heat hits. That way, if there is anything wrong, it can be addressed NOW before we are melting away in puddles of sweat!

Here at Greater Air & Heating, we also seriously encourage our customers (and everyone else) to get your AC Tuned-up in the Spring, NOW! Because I know that you also do not want to be unexpected without Air Conditioning when the temps are in the 100’s!

Our experienced team will clean and inspect your AC unit to ensure it is ready to handle the high temperatures. This will ease your mind and save you money, because a maintenance AC system doesn’t have to work so hard, and your utility bill will reap the benefits!

Give us a call today at (318) 709-5984 and schedule your Spring Tune-up!! Also, ask us about how to save money all year long by becoming a VIP member!