Does the UV Light really work???

I was skeptical when Preston came home talking about how wonderful this UV light was and how it was going to be just what we needed. He and our daughter both suffer from allergies and, usually, the spring season brings multiple sinus infections along with the yellow pollen that covers everything in sight! The UV light and Whole House Humidifier is supposed to detox the air in your home, getting rid of odors, germs, mold and allergies. He was really excited about this new product, not only for our home but also for our customers.

So despite my skepticism, I went ahead and agreed to put one in our house and see how it worked. After all, we needed to be informed on how well it worked so we could share it with others.

We installed the Whole House Humidifier with the Blue Tube Germicidal Light in the fall. It was just the right time to test it out, because our heater always lets out this weird musty smell when we turn it on, like the coil is wet. (I guess it’s from the awful humidity that we have down here in Louisiana… I don’t know.)

Anyway, Preston put it in and I actually forgot about it, but one day it hit me! I hadn’t smelled that musty odor in a while! In fact, there were several other odors that we were no longer smelling, or at least that didn’t last long.

For instance, you know when you fry bacon, and it smells the house up for a few days? Well, it didn’t last a day! And also, when our house cleaners come they use this wonderful smelling cleaner that would always last like two days! Would you believe that that smell is hardly noticeable now that we have the UV light in? (That one was a bit disappointing, but impressive nonetheless.)

Another really awesome thing is that neither Preston nor our daughter has had ONE sinus infection this year! Here it is, the middle of May, and they haven’t been to the doctor one time! Usually, we are doing antibiotics and cough medicine constantly this time of year. It really has been a blessing for us!

Needless to say, I’m a believer now! APCO has done well with this product, and we definitely recommend it to all of our customers, but especially those who suffer from allergies. It will make a great big difference and you will not regret it! Trust me!