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HVAC Systems have become a necessity of living in these modern times. It is hard to withstand the temperatures without the assistance of an HVAC system. Since HVAC systems hold a prominent place in our lives, we must take care of them equivalently. We are here to tell you some tips that will help you keep the HVAC systems fit and healthy! Contact Us Today!


If the system is not functioning well, then don’t worry! Greater Air & Heating, LLC is here in Libuse, LA, with Air Conditioning and Heating services at reasonable and affordable prices!

Heating services in Libuse, LA

At our Libuse, LA Air Conditioning and Heating center, you can get all the services and solutions related to your heating system issues. Whether it is a heat pump or a central heating system, we have a solution for every piece of heating equipment!

Air conditioning services in Libuse, LA

Summers can be extremely tough to survive if the air conditioning unit stops working or breaks down suddenly. But our quick and fast repair services make us different from the others in the locality. We also offer other services at our Libuse, LA Air Conditioning and Heating center:

Five tips that will keep your HVAC system fit and healthy!

Our experts have made a list of tips that will increase the system efficiency and protect the HVAC system from damages and breakdowns. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Schedule an annual maintenance service for the HVAC system: Our experts recommend calling the technicians at least once for annual maintenance services to every HVAC owner. It is even better to get the servicing done once before the season and after the season ends.
  • Replace the air filters once in three months: Air filters should also be replaced once in three months to ensure clean and germs-free air airflow. According to our Libuse, LA Air Conditioning and Heating experts, the air filter is a hub where all the germs and dust gets collected. If the same air filter is used for months, all the germs and dust particles will enter your house and affect the health of your family members!
  • The surrounding area of the outdoor unit should be clean and tidy: The outdoor unit’s area should be cleaned regularly from all the leaves, bushes, and grasses. They can interfere with the HVAC system’s working process and can cause damage to the system parts.
  • Keep the doors and windows shut when the HVAC system is working: To increase the efficiency of the HVAC system, shut down all the doors and windows of the house. The HVAC system will work a little faster to reach the desired temperature.
  • Keep a check on the vents and duct system of the HVAC system: Keep an eye on the ducts and vents system of the HVAC system. Cover up any hole you find in the system so that the air does not leak into the atmosphere.

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Our Libuse, LA Air Conditioning, and Heating center is ever-ready to help the residents with their HVAC needs and issues. Our professional technician team and polite working staff will ensure that you live in a comfortable and cozy environment.

You can call us anytime with your HVAC problems. We will come fast for the repair, maintenance, installation, or any other service process you require.

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We have several years of experience dealing with and solving heating and cooling problems. Our experienced technician can find the solution to the problem quickly and effectively! So, if you want a prompt and efficient solution for your problems, call Greater Air and Heating company in Libuse, LA, at (318) 709-5984!

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