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HVAC systems consume the most amount of energy in your home. Like most homeowners, you’re probably looking for a solution to make your Latanier, LA air conditioning, and heating system more efficient. Keep reading to know more. Contact Us Today!


When is the ideal time to replace your heating or air conditioning system?

  • In general, newer HVAC equipment is more efficient than older ones. Depending on your electricity pricing, the new unit’s greater efficiency will usually cover the investment cost within a few years. While there are many elements to consider, the general rule is that it should be replaced if your air conditioner or heat pump is ten years old or older.
  • Even if your HVAC unit is less than ten years old, if it is not performing correctly or repair expenditures are mounting, it may be time to consider replacing it. The same is true if you’ve increased the size of your home or made significant energy efficiency upgrades.

What is the energy efficiency rating?

  • For a standard cooling or heating season, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is often used to assess the efficiency of air conditioners and heating systems. The greater the SEER number, the more energy-efficient the HVAC is. Switching to a similar-size unit with a higher SEER rating will help you save money on electricity.
  • Residential HVACs made after 2006 must have a minimum SEER rating of 13 SEER. The present 13 SEER HVACs are around 30% more efficient than the old 10 SEER standards from 1992. HVACs with an ENERGY STAR rating are even more efficient, with a minimum SEER of 14.5.
  • If you’re buying a new Latanier, LA air conditioning, and heating system, go for the highest SEER rating you can afford to save the most money on your energy bill. While the initial cost of more efficient systems is often more significant, the running expenses of higher SEER units are much less, effectively decreasing the overall cost over the unit’s life.

Checklist for HVAC maintenance

  • Examine the size and capacity of any equipment additions to your HVAC system. Many companies frequently install large units incorrectly. Larger equipment reduces energy efficiency, raises electricity bills, and shortens the life of an air conditioner.
  • Clean and replace air filters regularly, and double-check thermostat settings. Scheduled maintenance is the key to achieving maximum HVAC efficiency. Filters that have been clogged with carbon particles and dirt must be replaced, coils must be cleaned to avoid overheating, and component wear must be determined.
  • Poor set points or incorrect thermostat operation can result in continual energy use. Faulty thermostats must be repaired or replaced immediately to restore a comfortable and efficient environment.
  • Regularly inspect for refrigerant leaks. A leak will reduce the system’s ability to function effectively and efficiently. If the system is not restored, its capability may be jeopardized, and irreparable harm may follow. Compressors may be overworked when units cannot deliver a powerful and efficient output due to leaks in the system.
  • Regularly inspect all drain and pan drip lines. Excess moisture can migrate and flow out of drip pans if the system condensate connections become clogged, generating a slew of issues. A buildup of water also raises the risk of fungus and mold growth.

For a system like this to function successfully requires special and unique professional tools. If you do not engage an HVAC professional to conduct the task, you are making things more complicated for you and your system. Contact Greater Air & Heating, LLC to receive cost-effective and dependable services.

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