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The system that cools and heats our houses appears to be far too sophisticated for most people to understand, but heating and air conditioning fundamentals are simple to grasp. The goal of an HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is to create a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Contact Us Today!WELCOME TO VIP MEMBERSHIP

Why should you call a skilled professional to service your air conditioner and heater?

Hire a professional service expert if your heater or air conditioner requires more than routine maintenance, such as when it fails to reduce the inside temperature to a comfortable level. Your heater and AC will be diagnosed and repaired by a trained technician.

Your Chambers, LA Air Conditioning, and Heating have a significant role: keeping you and your family comfortable indoors. When an air conditioner or heating system fails, it may be costly and inconvenient. Our team at Greater Air & Heating, LLC makes air conditioning and heating system repair, installation, and maintenance a breeze.

Different types of HVAC issues

If your AC has less refrigerant, it was either undercharged during installation or leaked. If it leaks, adding more refrigerant will not solve the problem. A trained technician should repair any leaks and then test the repair and charge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant. Your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency are best when the refrigerant charge meets the manufacturer’s specifications and is neither undercharged nor overcharged.

  • Inadequate Maintenance: If you let your air conditioner’s filters and coils get unclean, it won’t perform correctly, and the compressor or fans will likely fail prematurely.
  • Electric Control Failure: Compressor and fan controls might wear out, especially if the air conditioner is turned on and off repeatedly when a system is significant. Electrical connections and contacts should be checked during a professional service as corrosion of wire and terminals is an issue in many systems.
  • Sensor Issues: A thermostat sensor is located beneath the control panel on room air conditioners and detects the evaporator coil’s air temperature. The air conditioner may cycle continuously or perform erratically if the sensor is out of place.
  • Drainage Issues: Check the condensate drain to ensure it’s not clogged and draining correctly. If your room air conditioner is not at the correct level, it can not drain effectively.

Different types of air conditioning and heating repair

  • Condenser Unit Repair: The condenser unit is an external component of the central air system. It’s an essential aspect of air conditioning since it uses a closed circuit to manage the refrigerant. When the condenser unit fails, the air conditioner is usually the first to fail. If you have troubles with your central air conditioner’s condenser, it’s because:
    • The air conditioning is no longer as chilly as it once was.
    • The air which is coming out of vents is at normal temperature.
    • It doesn’t turn on or appear to work at all.
  • Repairing AC Ducts: If a leak in the air ducts is there, it will result in:
    • Inadequate air conditioning
    • Increased energy consumption
    • Indoor air quality is poorer
    • Longer run cycles
  • Furnace Repair: As the air conditioning system’s major powerhouse, the furnace’s numerous sophisticated sections must operate together to generate the required air conditioning. The furnace may have problems such as:
    • Noises or unusual odors
    • Iced evaporator coils
    • Dirty air filters
    • Stalled motors and fans
    • Faulty heat exchanger

Our technicians are skilled, licensed, and undergo ongoing training to keep up with the industry’s most recent advances and products. We want you to be satisfied. This will ensure that we try our best to provide excellent service on every visit.

You can talk to a skilled expert at home to better understand the many types of air conditioning and heating systems. For extraordinary Chambers, LA Air Conditioning and Heating contact Greater Air & Heating, LLC, a leading HVAC company. To receive cost-effective and dependable services, call us immediately.

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